The Monroe County Vacant Property Resource Hub provides information and services to aimed at reducing the number of “zombie” and vacant properties in our community. The website offers resources to four key stakeholder groups: Homeowners; Neighbors; Sellers and Buyers; and Municipalities.

In April 2016, Adam Bello, in his role as Monroe County Clerk, brought together stakeholders from across the county to form the Monroe County Vacant and Abandoned Property (“Task Force”). Adam knew from his experience as Town of Irondequoit Supervisor that vacant properties were one of the most concerning issues facing homeowners in the community, but he also was aware that it is difficult for any single municipality to make progress on its own.

Over the next four years, the Task Force coordinated numerous public engagement and educational events. This included hosting neighborhood “spruce-up” events and holding Home Fairs to showcase services and resources in Monroe County. The Task Force also published two reports outlining their findings and offering recommendations (Report – The Way Forward, Report – Vacant Report).

In 2019, the City of Rochester secured a Zombies and Vacant Properties Remediation and Prevention Initiative grant from the Local Initiative Support Corporation, or LISC, to fund the Vacant Property Resource Hub.

In March 2021, County Executive Bello formally created the Monroe County Vacant Property (“Advisory Committee”). The Advisory Committee continues the important work of the Task Force, and provides a network of local government and community leaders to work collaboratively to tackle the negative impacts imposed by vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties. It is the goal of the Advisory Committee to develop strategies to return these troubled properties to productive use.

Adam Bello

Monroe County Executive


Our Mission

Coordinate and implement strategies to reduce vacant and abandoned properties, enabling our community to thrive.

Our Vision

Increase the vibrancy of our community by lessening the burden of vacant and abandoned properties in our community.

Our Values

Serve the public good by stabilizing neighborhoods, increasing public safety and property values and restoring hope.